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Burger King

Creative and strategic support of the BK brand

Our agency was responsible for communicating the Burger King brand’s identity on the Polish market for over three years. During this time, we implemented numerous projects which fulfilled the marketing goals of our client.

We managed the internet service, the app and also the creative communication on both Facebook and Instagram, where we received engaging content resulting from our monthly photo shoots and videos. We also launched the “Crazy Days” platform, which not only became a fan favorite, but also earned the brand positive buzz on the web.

We created many innovative and bold advertising campaigns, including: Burger Challenge, #KingDealsTaxi, Sandwich or Burger? We also implemented dozens of events to celebrate the opening of new restaurants in Poland.

Together with Burger King, we also helped to support the use of public transport and bike riding in Polish capital city – Warsaw. One of our most special initiatives, Wargaming, was for both burger fans and fans of the game World of Tank; it involved introducing the Tank Burger to customers (a special edition Whopper on a black bun).

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