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Burger King


Awarded the “Golden Arrow” * in the categories Internet and Event Marketing and “Campaign of the Day” by the industry portal “New Marketing”.

* “Golden Arrow” is one of the most prestigious Polish awards in the advertising industry.

The campaign was organized as a prank at the main railway station in Wroclaw. At a taxi stand, the guests were chauffeured by a Lamborghini instead of a normal taxi, and each guest had to pay only one euro for the trip—the exact amount the Burger King King’s Deal burger costs. In addition, every guest was offered a free burger as well. The stunt was recorded by us, and from the material we created a video spot for the web and TV. The digital spot was broadcast on Facebook and YouTube, as well as 20 second long TV spots on 107 television channels, including the most famous Polish stations, like TVN and Polsat.

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